Rob Rhyne Selected Works

Address suitability, usability, then design... in that order

Product manager, user experience designer, developer and sometimes salesman with over a decade of experience. Consummate customer advocate. Adept at arranging the marriage of business objectives, budget and user delight.

User Experience and Product Design


Case Study

Deploying design thinking and agile process

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Application Flow & WireFrames

Interactive Prototypes (Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS)

Marketing Resources

Concept, Design & Build (Research, Design, Sketch, Knockout JS)


Co-Founder - Management, Product Design, UI Design, Front and Backend Development, Marketing, Sales

Web Application (Design, development)

iPad Application (Design)

Marketing Illustration (Design)

Marketing PDFs (Design)

Static Wireframes (Design)

Marketing Website (Design, development)

Rob Rhyne Multimedia

Sales, Project Management, Design, Backend Development

TaylorMade Golf

Global e-Marketing Creative Director

adidas Golf Tour 360 (Deisgn, Action Script) Redesign (Creative Direction)


Proposal, Information Architecture, Design, Build (Drupal)